Kirby Dach Is Making People Look STUPID At The Team Canada World Junior Camp With The Craziest Pass You'll See Today

Some people might say "hey, why are you posting this random practice highlight from junior camp in Canada?". Well...because it's fucking incredible, that's why. I don't think I am ever going to get tired of watching Kirby Dach. He has everything. Size, speed, toughness, smarts, insane skill, and ABSURD creativity. I mean who even thinks about a pass like this. A soccer pass through his legs and through traffick. No, that was sorcery. That is the type of thing that you can't teach and honestly shouldn't teach. It reckless to attempt a pass like that are Kirby Dach. I can't wait to get a mature Kirby Dach centering Patrick Kane. Good luck slowing those two down once confident Kirby gets on the same page with the best right wing in the NHL. Kane has never had a true #1 center consistently(he seldom plays with Toews so don't start with me) and he has only ever had one soulmate on a line. Maybe Kirby could be both of those things when hockey starts back up. Kirby dominating a bunch of punk kids at the WJC and then rolling right into the season with all that confidence and swagger is going to be dangerous. It's going to be fun. It's going to be beautiful. Can't wait.