Ever Wonder How UNC Hoops Landed Two Five-Star Recruits For This Season? Oh, Just By Spending $11,000 During One Weekend

Hey, I get it. You're coming off an embarrassing year. You're coming off a year where UNC is thrilled the NCAA Tournament got cancelled sine they wouldn't have been in the NIT. So what do you do? You become desperate. You need success. You can't have shit like this. So you spend over $11,000 in just one weekend on two recruits. Some would say that seems aggressive, but then again UNC doesn't even need to attend classes for passing grades. 

That said, this should just continue to prove there is plenty of money to let college kids get a little slice of the pie. If you can drop 11 grand on one weekend, you can let guys make their own money on name, image and likeness. That's not even asking for the school to pay players. If they are that worried about sponsors siding with a player instead of staying with the school then it just proves players should be paid even more. The likely play is that the schools won't lose money and the players will get a few bucks from sponsors. Win-win for all involved.

So how do you spend $11,000 on two recruits (h/t The Athletic)

And namely, how UNC spent $11,537.36 in basically 48 hours.

• Four chilled seafood towers, teeming with lobster, crab legs and jumbo shrimp.
• Four orders of calamari.
• Four orders of barbecued shrimp.
• Six salads.
• Three bowls of lobster bisque.
• A dozen steaks, everything from a $62 cowboy ribeye to five 11-ounce filets ($49 each).
• Three accompanying lobster tails ($39 each).
• A spicy salmon.
• Five orders of potatoes au gratin.
• Six sweet potato casseroles.
• Four sides of grilled asparagus.
• One order each of cremini mushrooms and creamed spinach.

Total bill for the evening: $2,094.36. They paid cash.

After the meal, players were released to spend time with their player hosts, each of whom was given $150 for entertainment for the weekend.

A meal at Ruth Chris like that? Yep, that'll do it. Gotta admit though I simply can't trust a person who orders salmon at a steakhouse. Those are the worst type of people. You go to a steakhouse to eat steak. If you want salmon go to a seafood restaurant. You're in North Carolina, there are plenty around. 

Recruiting is expensive. No doubt about that. It's just showing how hypocritical the whole setup for the NCAA is. But if two guys are top-20 are costing $11,000 in one weekend imagine what a true top recruit costs. Oh, wait.