4'11" MMA Female Fighter Brisa Mide Beats The Shit Out Of Some Dude Who Tried To Steal Her Cell Phone

I love this girl. Now, I've never been on her bad side and tried to steal her cell phone while proceeding to get my teeth kicked down my throat by her, but I love her. I need someone in my life who will cave my face or an imposter's face in when we start acting a fool. That's why I step over the line so much. I don't have any friends that will ever slap me around when need be. They're just a bunch of yes men pussies, and it's gotten to the point where I take advantage of them and my line stepping has become habitual. I'm a habitual line stepper. It takes a man of high moral fiber and gumption to admit that. Credit to me. 

But imagine having someone in your crew who has no fear at all and would just pound someone's face in the moment they needed to? That's Brisa here. Fucking awesome. 

I mean she really kicked the shit out of this guy. Just has him completely begging for mercy. This dude is about 2 seconds away from passing the fuck out!!!

Need someone in my life like this. It ain't any of us in the Chicago office, not unless you include Carl's emotional outburst. Ain't any of my high school friends or college friends. Just a bunch of soft ass Sally's that would have let this guy take off with their phone. The most scathing punishment he would have gotten would have been a couple of subtweets on Twitter or scathing Facebook posts. My friends are such assholes. Every last one of them.