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Who Can Bench More - Ryen Russillo or Billy Football? The Two Podcasters Duke it Out

On today's Pardon My Take, Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter welcomed on longtime recurring guest Ryen Russillo. The Big J and University of Vermont grad hopped on the show to discuss tonight's NBA Draft, the state of the league, and most importantly... figuring out how much Billy Football can lift. Here is how that exchange went down:

Ryen Russillo: What's up with Billy Football's arms? I thought he used to have big arms. 

Mr. Commenter: That's a great question, Ryen. He joined a Jenga team, and then he cut his sleeves off, and then he chose the only guy in the office that has bigger arms than him. So now, it looks like he's got little earthworms hanging .

Mr. Cat: Billy hasn't done curls in DAYS. It's bad. He asked, what's up with your arms, Billy?

Billy Football: Russillo, I'll out bench you, 100%. How much are you benching nowadays? 

Ryen Russillo: Once you get out of high school, you don't max a ton. 

Billy Football: I'm out of college, I still haven't maxed a ton, but I know I can bench more than you. 

Ryen Russillo: You probably can, man, I don't know. What do you max? 

Billy Football: Well, right now I'm probably hovering around 285.

Ryen Russillo: Max?!

Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter: OHHHHHHH!

Billy Football: How much are you benching?

Ryen Russillo: Fucking put the microphone down. I put up 315, three times a day, fucking around. Come back to me in a couple years.

Damn, a tough look for my friend Billy. But knowing him, he will use this as motivation and lift even more than he does now. Will he use steroids? That's the only question that remains.