Is Danny Ainge Currently Working On A Mega Deal For James Harden?!?!

Bob Levey. Getty Images.

OK, we're officially living in bananaland. I don't even know what to make of this. We're all reacting in real time right now and I think we've all just recently come to terms with the fact that Gordon Hayward will most likely be traded. I assumed we all were on the same page and that would be for a big, probably to Indiana, things like that. Well that can move right aside because apparently now he's trying to trade Kemba AND Hayward to land James Harden?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

I'm sorry, but what the hell is going on.

In my heart, this sounds like some bullshit where it won't happen and then people will cry about how he ALMOST got Harden if he was willing to trade with his assets. In reality, it was never a legit possibility. That's a scenario I could believe.


There's a reason the team pushed back Hayward's extension. I was under the impression that the delay was to iron out details of a Pacers trade or some shit. Do I need to be considering the possibility of James Harden coming to this team? Listen I haven't been shy about it, I am a huge James Harden guy. We got back to our ASU days together. I've been a Team Harden guy for over 13 years, he's an offensive genius, he'd be committed for at least 3 more years, he's a top 5 player etc etc. Plus I don't hate the possibility of rubbing it in both the Nets and Sixers faces after these last few days. That's always enjoyable.

If you're telling me Ainge is able to do this while not giving up any of the Jays, I don't know how you can say no. But that's why this seems SO OUTRAGEOUS to me. What picks/young assets are you going to get for Hayward/Kemba that would be more enticing than what the Nets or even Sixers could offer? You have to give up at least one of the Jays I would think, and I'm all set with that. I understand Harden is a top 5 player, but if they have to make a trade this offseason I'd rather do the Hayward one, get a big, keep Kemba and the Jays and add around the edges. 

Remember though, Ainge loves Harden. He tried to get him in the OKC trade with Perk way back when. I just can't imagine how this would all look if it were to happen. Is this OK with Tatum? Because that's all I care about. Everyone would just be cool to give up shots to watch Harden cook? Again, I love James Harden, but I don't see the fit. 

We're at the point now where I don't know what to believe. Sources are coming in from every direction. Most are bullshit, some could be real, my heart is fucking racing and I might pass out. Is this all just a smoke screen to raise the current offer of a team that is actually in on Harden? Who the fuck knows.

I know this though. Where they are going to this "dinner" is VERY important. If it's Chipotle, James Harden is guaranteed to be a Celtic.