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Schefter Reports That The NFL Is Only Giving Brady 4 Hours To State His Entire Case, NFL Says The Schefter Is Lying, Schefter Dunks On Their Face

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Not smart, NFL. Not smart at all. Look you can say a lot of shit about Adam Schefter. He’s short, he’s dorky, he’s got a punchable face, he has the strangest troll game going. But one thing you cannot say about him is that he’s often wrong. If you’re gonna come out and say that he’s lying and there’s no strict time limit on Brady’s presentation of the facts, then you better be damn well sure that he doesn’t have a copy of a letter that say “Brady can have up to four hours including opening statements,” because he will tweet that and embarrass the hell out of your PR schmuck Greg Aiello.




Pretty classic NFL here though. First, give Ted Wells as long as he needs to get his lies in order (and still fuck them up) then give the defendant 240 minutes to prove a five month investigation wrong, thus putting the accused at a supreme disadvantage. Next, lie to the public and try to narrate the story in a way that suits you. Send the lackey out into the Twitter universe to correct any “lies” that may be lifting the veil on your charade and proving that this entire situation is a mockery. Four whole hours to take apart an investigation that almost spanned half a year? No way! We’d never do that! The NFL is about fairness and integrity and Mr. Brady will have no strict limit, in fact it’s expected to run as long as he needs. Wait, shit, we shouldn’t have put that in writing because now Schefter can just tweet it and we look like the scumbag fucking liars that we are.