There Are Rumors Swirling That The Nets And Rockets Have A "Verbal Agreement" To Send James Harden To Brooklyn

I know, I know, you never want to believe something until it comes from Woj/Shams/Haynes etc, but here's the thing. Anyone in Nets Twitter or someone that follows the team will tell you that Pooch has his connections when it comes to the Nets. He covers the team and he was all over the Durant not returning news. Nets fans also told me he had the Kyrie/Durant news early as well. My point is, I take what he says seriously. You don't have to, you can wait for the Woj bomb, but this is the latest we have from someone in the know so it's pretty important in my opinion. 

Of course, just because other sources in the league believe there is some sort of verbal agreement doesn't mean that it's official. That could simply be how a certain exec or GM feels. Maybe it's an agent that is just floating things around to maybe leverage a higher price from another team interested in Harden. I do wonder why the hell the Rockets would cave to Harden's demands considering they don't have to. I'm also not even sure the Nets provide the best possible package for the Rockets to consider. 

Then again, why trade Robert Covington to shed salary if you weren't starting over? You would think that if Harden was going to stay that having someone like Covington would be important. Certainly more important than two picks. Unless Harden told them to bring in Ariza which if true makes this report of a verbal agreement a little confusing. Yesterday the word was the Rockets were comfortable heading into the season with Westbrook and Harden on the roster. We then learned that Westbrook has almost no trade market. Well if you can't unload Westbrook, you may as well keep everyone right? Talent is king in the NBA and you don't just punt on a talent like Harden who is under contract because he says he wants out. He has no leverage.

All I know is if there are people who are connected to the Nets who are talking about this, it's only a matter of time before we hear something from Woj/Shams. I'm basically writing this blog to tell you to clear your calendar for the rest of the day and head over to your timeline. Things could be dropping any minute.