Youth Hockey Goalie Checking In Here With A Late Nominee For Save Of The Year

This right here is a kid who crushes game film and studies the heck out of his scouting report. He knew exactly where this kid was going to shoot before he even had the puck on his stick. That's the difference between working smart and working hard.

Sure, your beer league goalie might try to employ the same goaltending technique during your 10:45pm puck drop every week. But in his case, he's just a lazy sack of shit who is most likely too drunk to stand upright in net anymore. This kid right here? He's dialed in. He's alert. He knows his opponents better than he knows his multiplication tables. Like Julie the Cat knowing that Gunnar Stahl was going glove side the whole time. That mental advantage is what separates the great goalies from the rest of the pack. 

Check the game notes, bud.