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G-Mail Now Allows Users To Unsend An E-Mail 30 Seconds After In Case You Accidentally Send Nudes To Your Boss Or Something

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Neowin- Ever hit the send button on e-mail just to realize that you hadn’t attached some vitally important document? Or even worse, that you sent your embarrassing holiday snapshots to your boss? Well Google has a solution for your troubles, in the form of its “undo send” feature. Tech savvy users, like our readers, are probably familiar with the “undo send” feature, as it’s been a part of Google Labs for years. But the feature is now rolling out publicly to all Gmail users, and it’s accessible through the browser. Undo Send, once you’ve enabled it in Settings, allows you to “unsend” an e-mail, provided you’re doing so quickly after originally sending it. To be technically clear here, the feature doesn’t actually take back an e-mail from someone’s inbox, it just delays your own outgoing message for a set number of seconds. In that time you can decide to take it back or delete it completely, but after the set period of 30 seconds max is done, the e-mail will still end up in the recipient’ inbox. As mentioned above, the feature is only available if you’re using Gmail through a web browser, but seeing as “Undo Send” is already available in Google’s Inbox app, we might soon see the feature in other apps as well.



Listen, I’m a Yahoo e-mail guy.  Always have been and always will be.  That’s just the way it is.  Sure, Google might be the better e-mail option at this point with all it’s bells and whistles.  And sure, I’d prefer to get all of my e-mails when they’re sent to me but Yahoo doesn’t roll that way.  They get my e-mails to me when they get them to me.  Might be right away or it might be 4 hours after.  I dig their devil-may-care approach to getting me my e-mails (that is until a DraftKings ad blog e-mail doesn’t come through and Portnoy fires me).  Also, I believe in a little thing called loyalty.  Ever heard of it?  I was with Yahoo before Gmail became a thing and it’s gonna stay that way.  If you want to call me a hero, go ahead. With all of that said though, this “unsend” feature for g-mail is genius.  Pure genius. Almost enough to make me change teams (not).  Because everybody has sent an e-mail that they wish they hadn’t.  Nudes to the boss?  Send an e-mail talking shit about a person but you accidentally send it to them?  Nudes to your Mom and Dad?  Nightmare-type scenarios.  Well now those days are over.  The way it works is you get 30 second after the e-mail is sent to decide if you wanna take it back. That may not seem like a long enough time but you know instantly when you’ve sent the wrong e-mail. 30 seconds is more than enough.