No Dave, I Don't Think Urban Meyer Would Go To Michigan. Not Even For $250 Million

Haha, now I get why everyone says Dave Portnoy is so funny. That's hilarious! This reminds me of a little kid going to the mall and telling Santa Claus his wish list. "Can I get a pony, and a mansion, and a spaceship?" Listen squirt, the problem is that Santa Claus isn't real and your parents both work a 9-5 while you're draining their bank accounts at day care. You're going to get a couple used video games, a pair of pajamas, and some obscure board game that you'll try out on Christmas night and never play again.

But yeah Dave, I'm sure Urban Meyer would consider Michigan. His rival school, not just since he took over at Ohio State in 2011, but since birth. Once he changes the name of his restaurant in Columbus from 7-0 Pint House (his record against Michigan), I'm sure he'll go out and purchase his first ever blue shirt and give their athletic director a call. See if he can get an interview.

Listen, I didn't wake up this morning wanting to write a blog about the man that signs my paychecks, but no one is allowed to be this wrong about michigan football and go unnoticed.  Not on my watch.

This isn't the 1800s anymore. The world has separated from Pangea and now all races are allowed to play football.  Not only is michigan no longer prestigous, it's no longer relevant. College football would not skip a beat if michigan just packed up their stuff and shut down. And you think a program like that is going to get Urban F. Meyer to come coach them? I might start using this clip of Dave in my English classes. The definition of a rhetorical question. One that everyone already knows the answer to. Do you think Urban Meyer would go to Michigan? Haha, no Big Cat, not even for $250 million.