Robert Williams Sending Cryptic Tweets This Morning Certainly Has My Attention

OK everyone buckle up. With the Hayward news coming today by 5pm EST, there's a possibility we could see some action today. One of those potential outcomes is a trade if Hayward opts in. You factor that in combined with this tweet from Timelord and yeah, it's going to set off some alarms. We're all on edge refreshing our Twitter every damn second waiting for a Woj/Shams bomb. This is what life is like during NBA trade season. This could be about literally anything, but you tweet that out when trade rumors are swirling and we're going to overreact. That's just how it works.

Now that Jrue Holiday is off the table, you would think the only trade out there based on what we've heard is something with the Pacers right? Are you a better team if you swap Hayward/Timelord for Turner/pieces? I'm not really sure it solves your issue in terms of big man depth. Turner is fine, he doesn't really rebound, and he protects the rim and makes threes, but a frontcourt of Turner/Theis/Kanter (maybe)/Grant is still going to have the issues we just witnessed. I guess we'd have to see what other big pieces are brought in. 

We saw how impactful Timelord could be in a playoff series, he was fantastic against the Raptors. He's still very raw and definitely still makes mental mistakes, but the guy has barely played. He's certainly shown flashes and isn't expensive, it'd be a shame to see him traded before he even got his legit chance at regular rotation minutes.

Here's the thing though, if the Celts have to trade Hayward and to do that they need to attach Rob, Ainge has to do it. He can't lose Hayward for nothing. If you're the Pacers, you obviously make Ainge feel it. 

The money part is a little complicated because Hayward makes a lot more than Turner and you're adding around $2M for Williams. A quick look at the Pacers cap sheet and that could be like Turner/Lamb (coming off an ACL tear) or maybe Turner/McDermott. 

Shit, knowing Ainge, it could be a trade with a team that we aren't even expecting because his trades usually are the ones you never hear about.

All I know is my spidey-senses are tingling. It'll be a shame to see someone as exciting as Timelord go, so hopefully this is about something else.