Someone Tell Clem That Coach Joe Judge Wants Him To Stop Worrying About Hype Groups, Celebrate With All Giants Fans Or Start Running Laps

[Post] - “One of the things that we’ve emphasized as a team that showed up [Sunday] that I was very proud of is you see when our players score, everyone running into the end zone celebrating with them,” Judge said Monday afternoon. “That’s important to me.

“It’s not a hot-dog thing, but we don’t really want individualistic celebrations. We want the team to celebrate. It’s not about one guy getting into the end zone. What previous plays are you celebrating? The offensive line is a part of every play. The quarterback is obviously a big part of every play.”

I fucking love Joe Judge - except when he punts on 4th and 1 from the opponents 40. But that's not here or there. He's building something with the Giants. He's revamped this defense. He's got them playing special special teams. He's got Wayne Gallman looking like a running back that should be picked 2nd overall. He somehow has Alfred Morris - ALFRED MORRIS - running for positive yards. He says shit like this that has me ready to run through a wall for the guy. 

But look at that quote again up top. He's talking about he wants the team to celebrate together and it's not just about one individual. You would think a guy who is dedicating his life to running laps for Coach Judge would understand he's talking about fans here too. But nope, not Dictator Clem. There might not be a guy in the world that's convinced everyone he's 'good guy Clem' until you disagree with him. Don't believe me? I'm caught up in a hype group war over Clem because he refuses to accept people that disagree with him. 

This of course is about Daniel Jones. Call me crazy, but yeah he's been frustrating this year. Yeah, I didn't want to draft him with Josh Allen sitting there right at 6 and needing pass rushing help. He continues to make mistakes this year until this last Eagles game. He finally stopped forcing shit and taking care of the ball. But you know what? He's one of us. I want him to be successful more than anyone. It would mean not wasting the 6th overall pick on a quarterback. 

Instead Clem has created a Daniel Jones Hype Group because apparently when you're insecure you create hype groups. It's kind of sad when you think about it. But then again, if this means Daniel Jones will win, I'm all for it. Until Clem refused to let me in. Refused to do what Joe Judge says. Refused to be a team. Don't let the goofy lap runs and smile fool you. Clem is a dictator. He doesn't give a shit what Coach Joe Judge says. 

See this is the part of being a fan. You can say you hate a pick. You can say that guy has stunk and not living up to being the 6th pick. You can wonder if he's the guy when he makes a game-ending mistake. But this is about winning a goddamn division. This is about beating the Cowboys. This is about getting to the playoffs and hosting a game. Leave it to Simple Clem to create division within the fanbase. 

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