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While The Bucks Changed The NBA Landscape, Mallory Edens Put A Goddamn Beatdown On Instagram Celebrating A 'Perfect Day'

I'm not going to lie. When I heard that Jrue Holiday was getting traded to the Bucks I checked both Shams and Woj to make sure it wasn't a 3-team trade and then went immediately to Mallory Edens Instagram. Why not? Remember, her goal is to own the Knicks, which makes her one of my 10 favorite people in the world. Mostly because her family has money to buy the Knicks and I'd do anything to get Dolan out. Jeannie Buss can get out of here because Mallory Edens is my queen of the NBA. But now I'm starting to wonder if she knew about the trade of a Giannis supermax signing. Posting a perfect day before shit started flying. Then her post after that? 

No words in the caption. She must be in as much as shock as we are that the Bucks gave up three first round picks for Jrue Holiday. But then again, it's not about Jrue Holiday. It's about Giannis. That's why you can't compare this trade to anything else except for maybe the Clippers trading for Paul George to get Kawhi. This is all about keeping Giannis. So it's three first rounders and two pick swaps to get Jrue and keep Giannis. You do that 100 out of 100 times. 

So get James Dolan out of here. Give me Mallory. Give me more trades today too.