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I Can’t Stop Watching "The Raccoon Whisperer" Feed A Bunch Of Thicc Raccoons A Shit Ton Of Hot Dogs

Just an incredible video of a man in a B's hat feeding some hot dogs to some trash pandas. I mean there's a lot to unpack, obviously the hat is an excellent. The sheer number of raccoons is astonishing, and they're polite???? They wait their turn to get their hot dog and bounce. Just an incredible watch. This man has a YouTube channel in which he calls himself the Raccoon whisperer, who am I to argue his title? All these raccoons are pretty thicc so no doubt he takes good care of them. Dude just has an army of raccoons.

He explains why he rehabs the raccoons and oh if he's worried about rabies? Says they're treated for disease, ticks, fleas and worms. And the reason he even does this is awesome - he made a promise to his wife who passed from cancer to take care of the raccoons (and her mother and cats). 

Just such a wholesome video. Love that guy. Even better he's a Bruins fan. Happy Tuesday.