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Derek Carr Put Up A Really Cool Instagram Video Which Got Me Fired Up For Football Season


And I’m ready for football season. That was awesome. Derek fucking Carr just getting my blood pumping and looking ahead to the Redskins NFL season starting. What are we, 3 months away? A quarter of the year? Some would say that’s a long fucking time with nothing but baseball to watch all summer, but some would say that means we’re 75% of the way to a new season, which for a Skins fan is big. A fresh start. New hopes. Maybe can even go .500 this year baby. So thanks Derek Carr for that cool video, especially after last night where I was watching The Bachlorette on one TV with a grown man was crying over a girl he’s known for 2 weeks, while on the other TV John Cena was cutting the same promo he’s cut every Monday for the last 10 years. I’m ready for Monday Night Football in the worst way.