NFL Power Cheahkings - Week 11 Edition

They had a bye and even though the Steelers remain unbeaten, nobody has firepower like KC. Change: n/a

The Bengals are a division rival, but this hasn't been a real rivalry in some time. The Bengals can by frisky, but the Steelers showed they are an elite team capable of winning the AFC. Change: n/a

They move up almost by default. They're the #1 seed in the NFC right now owning the H2H tiebreaker with the Saints and the Saints will now be without Drew Brees for a few games so are a bit of an unknown. The survived a nailbitter vs. a one win Jags team so I'd say they're a soft #3. Change: +3

I would put them at #3, but the uncertainty at the QB position is cause for worry. If Jameis Winston is trotting out there to play QB that could be rough sledding. I would honestly split it up and go run heavy with Hill getting significant snaps with Jameis getting a little over 50% of the snaps as well. But if you're committed to Jameis, you gotta lean on the run game. He can be really good if you limit his chances for mistakes, because his highs are very high. Change: n/a

We have to start taking these guys for real. Wins over the Seahawks and now the Bills show they're legit. The Hail Murray was incredible but they've got a bunch of playmakers. Change: +7

They fought hard and should have won. They were my #4 team last week, but you can't rank them above the Cardinals after Sunday. They need to stop the run better too. They're giving up 210 yards per game on the ground in their three losses. Change: -2

They Panthers are frisky and stayed even with them in the 1st half, but the Bucs pulled away in the 2nd half and showed their a cut above. They've got a big time measuring stick game on Monday Night vs. the surging Rams. Change: +2

Tua is 3-0 as a starter and I can admit I was wrong saying they were too soon to put him in. This team has really stepped up on defense and Tua has been making plays on offense. They're a dangerous team and a real threat to the Bills in the AFC East. Change: +2

Can't put them over the Dolphins after the whooping they put on them three weeks ago, but they had a bye and then made Russell Wilson look very mortal. Can they go in to Tampa and win on Monday Night? Change: +4

The Raiders are good. They've got quality wins like the Chiefs, Saints, and Browns and have won three straight. But now they've got KC coming to town. Can they sweep the Chiefs? Change: +4

After a big time gut check win over the Colts when trailing at half, they came out and got punched in the mouth by the Pats. Lamar Jackson has come back down to Earth after tearing up the league last year. Change: -6

Their lack of defense is really catching up to them. They can't stop a nose bleed and it didn't help that DK Metcalf couldn't get open against Jalen Ramsey. Change: - 4

A rainy day in Cleveland helped the Browns pound the rock and Nick Chubb looks great after missing a few weeks. He just doesn't care about your bet. They are a solid team but just a notch below the reeling heavyweights so fall two spots despite the W. Change: -2

In a game they really needed, they delivered. They now lead the AFC South and Philip Rivers may be going back to the playoffs. Change +1

Can't put them over Indy after Thursday's showing. Their lack of a pass rush is really hurting them and A.J. Brown had a rare poor outing just when they couldn't afford him to. Change: -8

They stayed at home this weekend on a bye and stay the same. They've been dangerous with Raheem Morris in charge. Change: n/a

Impressive win vs. a Ravens team that came in as the bullies. The roster isn't very talented but Bill Belichick continues to put his guys in a position to succeed, even if it's not always pretty to watch. Change: +4

After a 1-5 start, this team has won three straight. Chicago looked lifeless on offense on Monday Night, but give the Vikings defense credit for some of that. Justin Jefferson and Adam Thielen on the outside make it so Kirk Cousins can't be that bad. Change: +4

After watching their matchup with the Eagles on Sunday, it's hard to imagine anyone but the Giants winning the NFC East. This team just plays hard. Joe Judge looking like a great hire. Change: +8

They blew another lead, but they finished the job this time. DeAndre Swift looks like the real deal too. Change: +5

They're a frisky team and it looks like Teddy Bridgewater mayyyy not miss time? They can sneak up on teams and they're well coached despite getting doubled up by the Bucs. Change: -2

This was supposed to be the stretch where they beat up on teams. But that was under the assumption they were at least not terrible. That may have been incorrect. Change: -5

Classic Bears in the fact that they have a great defense and return units, but the offense cannot move the ball at all. Whether it be Nick Foles, Tyler Bray, or Mitchell Trubisky coming back from injury, the offensive outlook looks bleak behind that leaky O-Line. Change: -4

They fought hard against a good Saints team, but they just don't have the dudes right now after being ravaged by injury. Change: n/a

Joe Burrow is a good talent, but had a rough showing against the Steelers. They are very clearly the worst team in that division. Change: -5

At least they didn't lose in heart wrenching fashion this week. Losing while Justin Herbert develops is low key the best thing that could happen to this team that has it's QB of the future. Change: -2

They fought admirably and Alex Smith threw for 390 yards! Had Chase Young not committed a bone headed penalty, they may have beat Detroit. Alas, he did not, but it's probably better they lose to give them a better shot at a top QB. Change: +4

Deshaun Watson's talent is being wasted and this year is a total mulligan with losing DeAndre Hopkins and Bill O'Brien. But at what point do we admit a QB this good can't have a team this bad? Some of it has to be his fault too, right? Change: n/a

Under Jake Luton this team is F-R-I-S-K-Y. They almost went into Lambeau and beat arguably the top team in the NFC. Doug Marrone's guys are fighting. Still can't put them over Houston who they just lost to though. Change: n/a

Does Drew Lock stink? He's too hot and cold so far and I'm ready to say he is not a Confetti QB. Change: -4

They had a bye but still stink. Change: -1

They had a bye and Jets fans finally got to have a nice weekend. Change: n/a