This Business Decision From Jamal Adams Was Not Only Funny, But Also Sad

Last week, I broke down for all the stoolies out there just how bad Jamal Adams has been in 2020. The 2019 All-Pro forced his way out of New York this past offseason and the GOD Joe Douglas somehow got two 1st rounders for this dude. A strong-safety! Two first rounders for a strong-safety! Who isn't even STRONG!

This play was shocking....Jamal Adams? Making a business decision? And then pouting on the sideline? This man wanted 20 million a SEASON! 

After week 10, he ranks 60th out of all safeties in their overall defensive rankings. In coverage, he ranks 82nd. 

He wanted to be the highest-paid player on the Jets least 18.5 million. He can't cover. He is afraid to make the hits he needs to. What's his worth then? Who knows. Maybe it's the Seahawks fault but I was told this time around he was going to make it clear?

And this time? It was supposed to be DIFFERENT.

It's that Championship Mindset that seperates him from the pack! He's built different!