BREAKING: Drew Brees Has Multiple Rib Fractures AND A Collapsed Lung

We all knew something was wrong with Drew Brees that was serious enough to cause him to miss the second half. But three fractured ribs on the left, two on the right, and a collapsed lung on the right side? Jesus. 

ESPN- Doctors performing the evaluation believe the right-side fractures might have punctured the quarterback's lung yesterday, creating a pneumothorax. That is what caused Brees difficulty breathing in yesterday's game and resulted in him informing head coach Sean Payton he could not play the second half against the 49ers.

This is just wild. Especially when you consider he broke 3 of the ribs a week ago! Why did he walk around with 3 broken ribs for an entire week without them being diagnosed? Oh maybe because he was suffering from a shoulder injury last week that apparently hurt soooo much, Brees couldn't feel the pain of the 3 broken ribs he had. Unbelievable. 

It’s not clear how much time Brees will miss. Before the evaluations, it was expected that he’d miss at least a few weeks with an undefined rib injury and a lingering issue with the shoulder of his throwing arm. But broken ribs on both sides of his chest and a collapsed lung are more serious, so the timeline for his return could be much longer than expected.

God speed.