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Is Alex Smith Washington's QB...Of The Future????

PFT - Alex Smith likely won the league’s comeback player of he year award in Week 5 when he initially stepped on the field this season. But the Washington Football Team quarterback has done far more than merely get back on the field.

So what now?

Smith turns 37 in May. Washington drafted Dwayne Haskins as its franchise quarterback with the 15th overall pick in 2019, but he has fallen to third on the depth chart.

Washington coach Ron Rivera was asked Monday whether the team had its franchise quarterback in Smith.

“Well, possibly,” Rivera said, via Ben Standig of “You have to look at how much longer can he play? How much does he want to play?”


This son of a bitch Ron Rivera. You know the old phrase "when they zig, I zag"? That's what's happening right here. God damn. He was asked if the QB of the future is on the team, and nope, he wasn't thinking about Kyle Allen or Dwayne Haskins, he was thinking about...36 year old Alex Smith.

So it begs the question, is Alex Smith the QB of the future? Do you roll with Alex Smith for a few more years and either 1) keep Haskins in the wings and hope he develops, or 2) wait a year or two to draft someone else?

I never would have imagined the words "QB of the future" and "Alex Smith" would be used in the same sentence. I see where he's coming from though. If you have a dependable-enough QB under center, you can build the rest of the team. The problem with Smith is not just his age, but he has no mobility. Yesterday we saw first hand he has some of the worst mobility in the league. And obviously there's a big reason for that, but I winced several times he was in the pocket, being hung out to dry. It was not fun to watch.

One thing is obvious- Ron hates Haskins so much that even with the team at 2-7, there's not even a whisper of putting Haskins back in. How are you going to have a 2-7 team and start the 36 year old QB over the 2019 first round pick? The part that confuses me is this:

If Haskins plays well, his trade value goes up, and Riverboat Ron can still move on from him.

If Haskins plays poorly, Riverboat looks smart and now has a reason to move on from him.

Sitting him for a last place team accomplishes nothing in my eyes...unless his plan truly is to develop him behind Alex Smith, which we all know is 99% likely not to be the case.

Obviously the Jets are going to get Trevor Lawrence first overall. If the WFT gets pick we go QB? Offensive line? Trade down and accumulate a boatload? It all depends on if you think Alex Smith is actually the QB of the future. What a wild, wild season this has been.