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"Teflon" Conrad Hilton Got Arrested Again, This Time For Breaking Into An Ex-Girlfriend's House Despite A Restraining Order

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Fox News – Conrad Hilton, the younger brother of socialite Paris Hilton, was arrested on Monday on suspicion of violating a restraining order obtained by his ex-girlfriend Hunter Daily, authorities confirmed to ET.

Police responded after 19-year-old Daily called 911 and reported that the 21-year-old had violated the restraining order.

LAPD spokesman Mike Lopez told the Los Angeles Times that officers found Hilton inside his ex’s home, where he was taken into custody.

This is the latest in a string of legal problems facing Hilton, who turned himself over to authorities in Riverside County in May for an incident in 2014 in which Hilton allegedly led police on a high-speed pursuit.


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So in the last year Conrad Hilton has been arrested for going nuts and threatening violence on a plane, a high speed chase, and now breaking into the place of an ex with a restraining order and being found inside — pretty sure that’s rule 1 of Things Not To Do When Breaking Into An Ex With A Restraining Order’s House — and that’s a hell of a run. This kid is an absolute menace to society and because he’s rich as fuck he’s just going to be back out there doing rich bro shit without a care in the world by the time you finish reading this blog. I’m obsessed with it now. I don’t know if I want to see Conrad brought to justice or have him live a life of rich asshole crimes without ever facing real justice for it, like one of those old timey bank robber gangs who’d never get caught even though they had a team name and announced who they were to people whenever they committed a robbery.


On the plus side, I bet this time Conrad’s community service will be much more intense. Here’s the work he’ll have to do at an animal rescue:



Here he is teaching underprivileged youths in Cuba about the dangers of smoking:



And here is providing counseling to reformed criminals trying to reintroduce themselves to society:



Here’s hoping it all works out for Conrad, seems like a great guy who just deserves a break or two in life.


PS here’s the poor restraining order ex who’s not actually the chick pictured above. Needless to say I can see why our boy Conrad might be so psychotically into her. She has her charms.



(h/t @ben_oleary)