Belichick is Not Going to Flip Out at an Official and NOT Create the Meme of the Year

Ah, Bill Belichick. Yes, he's a polymath, great at so many separate fields like a DaVinci or a Michaelangelo. 

And yet, like so many other great masters, he dominates one particular art form. The way Bob Ross worked in oils, Paulina Gretzky owns Instagram:

... Gal Gadot is the Queen of the GIF:

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… and Ralphie Parker's dad worked in profanity, Belichick is the undisputed Meme Champion of the world. Not that he makes them; though he probably does. For all I know he and Ernie Adams invented the Distracted Boyfriend and Lady Yelling at Cat as part of some elaborate plot to divide the attention of opposing players in the meeting room. But more to the point, he inspires Meme artists in their work better than any public figure in America today. 

So it was that last night that he got into it with Sarah Thomas last night over a disputed call, and the internet did what it does best (besides be a forum to tell strangers you disagree with to kill themselves). 

And my personal favorite among the ones I've seen:

But that's only because I did. Saturday. For the first time before Thanksgiving in my entire life. Because this year, we need it more than ever. And I'm glad I got a jump on it because it took me two hours of soul searching to decide where to put the Tom Brady ornament. Or whether to put it up at all. It ended up on the side, sort of half facing the wall, with Larry Bird getting the spot front and center where TB12 used to go. I regret nothing. 

Anyway, nicely done, Twitter. This one will do nicely for the week or so until Belichick inspires the next social media masterpiece. He can't help it if you're obsessed with him.