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The Armed Robbery Charges Against DeAndre Baker Have Been Dropped And The Lawyer Representing The Four Alleged Victims Is Reportedly Being Charged With Extortion


An absolutely shocking turn of events in Florida, where nothing crazy or sketchy ever happens! Fucking Florida, man. Not only was DeAndre Baker potentially the victim in all of this but the Madden Defense by superlawyer and former Apprentice one-episode winner Bradford Cohen may have been true!

Can't wait to see what article or picture fellow bird enthusiast Mr. Cohen uses for this one!

Now let's all take a minute and allow the people that were screaming from the roof tops for the Giants to cut DeAndre Baker before the legal process played out to now scream from those same rooftops about the Giants cutting him before the legal process played out in his favor.

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Okay, y'all done? Good. I know most of you guys have been spending the last day/week/month spinzoning everything Daniel Jones and the Giants have been doing in a negative way because you want the franchise to start at ground zero at QB yet again. But this is a reminder that things like court cases take a while to develop, just like football players and football teams.

Speaking of which, it does suck that the Giants cut Baker when they did because even though he was awful last year and allegedly fell asleep in meetings, you can't deny that a first round DB from the SEC would be at least intriguing to see develop in Patrick Graham's defense and the kind of franchise Coach Judge is building. You know one way to keep a talented player awake? Threaten him with laps until he passes out. At the very least, Baker can't be worse than some of the schlubs the Giants have thrown into the secondary this year and at best he could develop into a real player for a coaching staff that clearly has resonated with its players.

Shout out to that extorting lawyer for making the Logan Ryan signing possible

Maybe there was a wink, wink agreement with Baker's agent that they would cut bait until everything legally got taken care of? I'm not sure. What I am sure of is that this scathing hot take from earlier this year is even funnier than it was at the moment it happened.

Does Dave Gettleman get an extension since Baker was apparently framed? Maybe he gets to finish out his contract? Or how about a free lunch with a cookie on the side? You know what, I don't give a fuck. We have the best 3-7 team I've ever seen and are now in a playoff race.