Ferris Bueller’s Day Off star Alan Ruck Nearly Died From A Hot-Tub-Induced Kidney Failure

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off star Alan Ruck considers himself extremely lucky to be alive after contracting a lethal virus from a hot tub session.

The Succession actor nearly died in 2001 when he came down with what at first appeared to be the flu before the illness progressed to septic shock and kidney failure, causing the star to collapse.

It was serious – they (medical doctors) told my ex-wife for the first two days, ‘We don’t think he’s going to make it’,” Ruck recalled on the Celebrity Catchup Podcast.

In addition to the grim initial prognosis, doctors also suspected he would be severely mentally handicapped for the remainder of his life before his condition miraculously began to improve.

After I got sick I talked with many people who were like, ‘I was on a cruise and I got the same thing – I had a strep infection in my bloodstream’, which is basically the old fashioned way of saying it is blood poisoning,” he shared. “We have no real idea exactly how it happened, and no real understanding of why I got well.”

This news article from the Toronto Sun is how rumors get started. You simply cannot say in a headline that a beloved star like Alan Ruck got sick from a hot tub toe stubbing that led to kidney failure. People like me (hot tub owners) are all gonna be worried sick.

Truth be known, Alan here could have gotten a kidney disease from anything. It could be from the hot tub or it could be from a play place at McDonald’s or the movie theatre fountain drink station or the barstool bets house. Anything. Anywhere. Everything. Everywhere. Your kidneys could just stop working out of nowhere. That’s the nature of kidneys. Lest we forget, renowned neurosurgeon Derek Sheppard once said that the kidneys are the pussy of your guts. Not my words. His.

The real damage here isn’t to Alan precious internal organs. The real damage is to hot tub owners like myself. We have to deal with claims and accusations that we are “white trash” especially when our hot tubs are inflatable. It isn’t fair. It isn’t right. But, it is our reality and that’s a shame. It’s a shame that Alan perpetuates this negative stereotype about inflatable hot tubs when all we want is to relax at 102 degrees with the jets on medium high and medium hot.

So, Alan. Get your facts straight before your kidneys are wrecked by a clean, perfect right hook. Your kidney’s failed for some reason. Find the reason. Just don’t be snooping for the reason around or in my beloved Intex Jacuzzi Pro2000. Simple as that.