The Blackhawks Have Released Their Reverse Retro Jerseys For 2021

I've been sort of luke warm on this entire "reverse retro" idea, but I gotta say...I think these are pretty good. Could've been much worse. I LOVE incorporating the old logo. That's a good crest. I think would've preferred it without the red shoulders and just gone full black, but these are a good combo of that way back throwback from the 1940s

B Bennett. Getty Images.

And the late 90s/early 2000s all blacks

I won't be buying one because I am not a big jersey guy, but I also won't puke if these are on my screen which is more than I can say for the St Louis Blues who have one of the uglier jerseys I've ever seen

St Louis being disgusting…you don't say!

Every day I am thankful that we are not them and I am not from there.