Congrats To Dan Snyder On His 200th Career Loss As An Owner!!!! 144-200-1!!!

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The model of consistency. That's what Daniel Snyder is. Sure it's consistently bad. Consistently the laughing stock of the league. Consistently making the wrong decisions, hiring the wrong people, being in the spotlight for the wrong reasons, and consistently losing. But he's nothing but consistent. 

200 losses since taking over the team in 1999. .417 winning percentage. 6-26 over the last 32 games. And this doozy of a stat:



It's hard to be that consistently terrible. But we find a way. Doesn't matter what stadium, what owner, what GM, what scandal, or what stupid name, we STINK. Daniel Snyder's best accomplishment in the last 20 years has been being such a joke, running this franchise so far into the ground, that they made an episode of South Park making fun of him…and that episode came out in September of 2014. THAT'S HOW BAD THIS TEAM HAS BEEN.


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So our Washington Football Team lost another stinker yesterday in one of the most Washington Football Teamiest ways. Meanwhile we are starting Alex Smith who obviously is not the future franchise quarterback, while last year's first round pick sits on the bench…while the team is 2-7. Talk about disfunction, my heavens.

At least Terry McLaurin is awesome. So at least we have that going for us.

Fuck Dan Snyder.