BREAKING: Tony La Russa's DUI Charge Was DROPPED! Update: No They Weren't!

So let's get this out of the way. I'll start by saying I don't know the first thing about the law or case studies or anything. What I do know is Michael Carl Sterk is a law school dropout and comes from a family of lawyers, and he said something along the lines of this last week: "What will probably happen is the White Sox will cut a check for like $250,000 to a Phoenix school district and the charges will get dropped." 

Did this happen? No idea. That's what a lot of the fanbase thinks though:

Whatever happened, I don't know but the charges were dropped. Call it what you want, but as far as I'm concerned, nobody was hurt other than La Russa's reputation itself, so he can live with starting a new job where 95%+ of the clientele hates his guts before he even puts on a uniform. 

There is an old adage in baseball that goes something like this: "one, two, three strikes you're out at the ol' ball game." Though these charges were seemingly dropped (other outlets are reporting it now too), TLR was at the very least in a position to get charged with DUI, not once, but for the SECOND time. I said it last week - if you're some 20 year old idiot who gets behind the wheel loaded that's one thing - it's inexcusable, but 20 year olds are morons and don't use their brains. If you're in your 60s and get popped once for DUI then get popped again as a 76 year old, then you're just a fucking selfish asshole, plain and simple. At that age, you should know better. 

Yes, La Russa's a fucking asshole for even being in the position to get charged in the first place. Thank god nobody was hurt in 2007, thank god nobody was hurt in 2020 and thank god nobody was hurt any of the times he drove drunk before or after those years and wasn't caught. But should he even THINK of sniffing alcohol moving forward... to me, that's strike three and what happens on strike three?

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You're fucking out. He ain't leaving now and as the offseason wears on, we'll put this behind us. I said it when the report came out last week that he was charged - somebody take his keys from him and go win baseball games. That's all I want out of La Russa is peace, quiet and wins. That's all the players want too, and they seemingly have his back:

Jose is a great leader and the rest of the clubhouse will follow suit. All TLR has to do is go and make the lineup and pitching changes then let his players do their things. That's it. Stay the fuck outta the news otherwise.


This is such a goddamn shitshow. Sounds like Uncle Jerry didn't, in fact, open up his pocket book in TLR's defense… yet. What a disaster and what a tease. All I want to do is cover a team that is a great storyline - which is exactly what the White Sox should be. But the optics of this hire have been such a train wreck from the moment it was announced. Nothing I said changes whether charges are eventually dropped or he does have to do a little time in the clink. Just win baseball games and don't even THINK of touching alcohol again. It's what's best for everybody.