Back To School (FULL MOVIE)

Hard to beat a Rodney Dangerfield classic on a Monday morning but you guys can go ahead and try anyways. Especially with such a clean run time at 1:36. Hard to come by a good modern movie experience these days without touching 2 hours. Lots of that has to do with follow-up potential. You have to make movies now for the sequel, so you get a lot of extra stupid bullshit that maybe doesn't need to go in a 1st cut. As a result the days of a nice quick comedy are long gone. It just doesn't happen anymore folks. 

That's why we're rewinding the clock back to 1986 for this knee-slapping comedy about a funloving, successful dad who enrolls in college alongside his awkward son to help improve his experience. It works because Dangerfield's character missed out on college as a young man despite his father's wishes. It's a chance for full circle redemption and boy is it loaded with rich laughs. Robert Downey Junior doesn't disappoint in a support role either. People forget about that.