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Tennis Bad Boy Nick Kyrgios Is Coming For Woj's Neck By Dropping Hints During An Interview That Giannis Is Going To The Heat

Whoa, now just wait a damn second here. This is reserved strictly for Woj and Shams, especially on a day like today when we're going to get trades this afternoon. We can't be having a third guy sneaking in here with Giannis news. I don't care if it's tennis bad boy Nick Kygrios. Still two of my favorite stories just in general are these: 

Ridiculous events like this during a sporting event will always make me laugh. That's a promise. I'm also a Kygrios fan and I'm not even a tennis guy. I love all the trolling he does. I love how he doesn't give a fuck. I appreciate him dropping this Giannis story while wearing a Giannis jersey! That makes it even better. Especially when you consider it's an interview about an interview he did with Giannis. I fucking love it. It's why everything is so stupid yet we can't look away with the NBA offseason. 

All I know is if Shams is the one that can break Donald Trump getting coronavirus, we can have a tennis player breaking Giannis news. All is fair in the scoop game. So I want Giannis to leave the Bucks and Kyrgios to be the one to break it. I know everyone is talking about the Heat and Mavs, but it still feels like he just stays with the Bucks. They are willing to pay for him and try and build around him. It's strictly a gut guess, but it's out there.