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Old Barstool Takes, Exposed

I guess it doesn't really matter who is on the team. The Patriots of 2020 may not resemble the Patriots of 2001-2019 in many ways. Even the jerseys aren't the same. But they still can step up and make a take look freezing cold in the blink of an eye. Cam Newton is bad? Touchdown to Rex Burkhead seconds later. Then an untouched rushing touchdown for good measure. Along with, perhaps the most impressive stat: ZERO turnovers. Crazy that the guy who missed an entire year of football only to play for the second franchise in his near-decade long career with no mini-camp, limited training camp, no preseason, and then multiple weeks of missed practices due to COVID-19 looked out of sorts for a few weeks. Almost like there was a ton of context for his inconsistent play after week three. 

And Banks wasn't completely wrong. The Patriots absolutely would have been buried had they lost tonight. The key factor to that burial of course being the loss, which never came. Appears you have to outscore the opposing team to beat them. Who knew? I bet it would have felt so good for the Ravens to put the final nail in the Patriots' coffin. We know they're incapable of winning playoff games so consolation prizes like this are what they really get up for. A crying shame they were robbed of that feeling tonight. Oh well.

PS - Really would love that Broncos or Bills game back right about now. Just one of those three 50/50 games between Denver, Seattle and Buffalo going our way and I'm all in on this Patriots team. Alas, I'm only a mere 75% in on this Patriots team and just slightly fawning over JC "5 Straight Games With An INT" Jackson, Jakobi "QB1" Meyers, and Damien "Corey Dillon" Harris.