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How's David Bahktiari Going To Celebrate Becoming The Richest Offensive Lineman In NFL History? "Some Beer, A Lot of Beer, More Beer."

HOLY MOLY THAT"S A LOT OF MONEY! The Packers just locked up their all-pro left tackle with a gigantic pay day. The biggest of bags for an offensive lineman in NFL history. $105.5 million in new money for number 69. It's a well deserved extension for easily the best and most reliable offensive lineman on the team. Entering today's game PFF ranked him 4th out of 120 qualified linemen in the NFL. He's a stud. 

The underlying news here is that this likely spells the end of the Aaron Jones era in Green Bay after this season. The writing was on the wall when the Packers took BC running back AJ Dillon with their 2nd round pick. You just don't take a running back there in their position unless you're in love with a kid for the future. Now that writing on the wall is basically cemented. Jamaal Williams is also beloved on this team and can probably be brought back with a team friendly deal. The front office chose to pay an All-Pro offensive lineman over a star running back. That logic certainly makes sense when you consider the shelf life of the position, but Aaron Jones is such a vital part of this offense and led the league in touchdowns last year. It is going to SUCK to see 33 walk after this season no doubt about it. 

I'm so happy for Bak though. The heart and soul of the team ever since he was drafted in 2013. He's one of, if not the best left tackle in the game today. He could very well be a Hall of Famer when it's all said and done. After today's win he was emotional talking about the deal. 

So how do you celebrate a $100 million extension? Get absolutely shit-faced with your fiancé. Drink all of the beer in Wisconsin tonight, you earned it 69.