UFC Fighter Yancy Medeiros Just Got Into Quite The Sticky Situation When USADA Showed For A Drug Test While He Was Having Sex In His Living Room

"So.....you wanna be an ultimate fighter?"

If you're that USADA agent, and you show up and…uh…heard what was going on in there - wouldn't you just go back into your car and wait like, ten minutes to save all the embarrassment? I mean, he probably ain't flushing steroids outta his body with one nut, is he?

Oh, and I guess I should clarify - for those not familiar with USADA's drug testing protocols - basically, they show up wherever/whenever (completely randomly) to make sure athletes aren't EVER using performance enhancing drugs, and once they show up, they gotta literally stare at the fighter's genitalia while they piss into a cup. 

(Mike Tyson recently came out and said he'd wear a prosthetic penis filled with his baby's piss to get around this sometimes - as one does)

Hopefully that didn't get outta control considering it was one of those post-boned up pisses, eh? Complete gamble on the double streamer. The USADA agent probably shoulda had a poncho on like he was in Gallagher's 'Splash Zone' just in case.

Alright, this blog has gotten gross enough. I don't wanna talk about bodily fluids no more. I'm callin it.

Sorry this happened to ya, Yancy.