Augusta National Moving The 16th Pin Away From Its Traditional Sunday Position Is A Tragic Way To Start Masters Sunday


Here I am waking up early on a beautiful Masters Sunday without a care in the world, ready to watch the world's best duke it out for a green jacket and they lay this shit on me?

It's death. taxes. And the traditional 16th hole location on the back left where guys can just chuck balls past the pin and watch them roll back. Today's back right pin is trash. On top of a shelf where only the most daring will take aim. In a Masters where DJ is poised to run away with it, we need all the excitement we can get on the Second Nine. Namely this.

Plus arguably the most iconic shot in modern golf was hit here because that pin location allowed the GOAT to put his ingenuity to good use.


And think of poor Verne! That gem of a man has hung up the headset and called it a career EXCEPT for calling the 16th hole at The Masters. This is all Verne has left and this is all the Verne we get every year too. Guy's been waiting around for 19 months for another Masters and the opportunity to dramatically call those balls roll down the slope. Literally nothing better than Nantz saying "we go to 16…" and Verne opens with "JUST… a moment ago…." because you know you're getting something special. 

I don't know what Augusta National is thinking here. Maybe they're just trying to put their foot down and let everybody know that they still run shit in this world and we are all just their lemmings but please don't do this to us. Give the people what they want. Give us our 16 back.