What Is Happening At Michigan Right Now Is Just Sad

As I said in the headline, what is happening at Michigan is just sad.

After week one at Minnesota, hopes were high. Joe Milton was Milton Tough. Could this be the year they finally compete with Ohio State? 

Annnddddd then they lost to Michigan State. At home. As a double-digit favorite.

Annnndddd then they lost to Indiana. 

Tonight, they took on Wisconsin, a team that hasn't played in 3 weeks. Probably a little rusty. Some guys were still out due to the Big Ten COVID protocol. Michigan had a shot to be the better team in the 1st half, at the least. What happened? Wisconsin flattened them...28-0. That interception from Joe Milton? Awful. Chris Fowler said it perfectly, Michigan fans are disgusted:

How will this end? Probably in a coaching search. Who can fix this mess? Who knows. It doesn't appear it's Jim Harbaugh. Maybe it's this blog that is old takes exposed.