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Isiah Thomas' Bid To Own The Liberty Temporarily Suspended By The WNBA


SINow – The WNBA released a statement on Monday saying the league and the New York Liberty have suspended their consideration of Isiah Thomas’ application for an ownership interest in the Liberty. “After further discussion and with the season underway, the WNBA and the New York Liberty have agreed to suspend consideration of Isiah Thomas’ application for an ownership interest in the Liberty until further notice,” the statement read. “The process will resume at a future time as determined by the Liberty.” Thomas, 54, was appointed president of the Liberty last month and given a minority ownership stake in the team pending WNBA Board of Governors approval.  The decision was met with widespread criticism stemming from the 2007 jury ruling that the New York Knicks improperly fired former executive Anucha Browne Sanders after she complained Thomas had sexually harassed her. The Madison Square Garden Company paid Sanders $11.5 million in a settlement. Thomas was not found personally liable. Thomas, who played 13 seasons in the NBA and was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility in 2000, was the Knicks’ president of basketball operations from December 2003 to April 2008. The WNBA formed a six-member committee to vet Thomas’ ownership stake earlier this month.

Who on earth, besides one Dan Katz, would want to own an WNBA franchise? Like can this really be that important to Isiah Thomas? Who would really want to go through this whole process? Approval committees and application reviews and interviews and shit. All so that you can have an ownership interest in the New York Liberty?? Like at some point you gotta be like “Ah fuck it, nevermind.” Like when you’re at CVS and you’re buying a couple things that you really dont need and the line is moving too slow. Theres only one person behind the register and something is fucked up with some old lady’s coupon and there’s still three people ahead of you and you just say “This isnt really necessary I’m outtta here.” And you just put all the stuff you were gonna buy in one spot on the wrong shelf and walk out the door.

Thats what trying to buy a piece of the New York Liberty has to feel like. Eventually you just realize it absolutely, 100% is not worth the hassle of being a part owner of a WNBA franchise.

Unless of course said WNBA franchise is all some sort of front to get you back in the building in order to have some sort of involvement in the NBA franchise that plays in the same building. Which is what I am actually convinced is happening now. Started as a joke, now I think its real. Thats the only way Isiah Thomas could actually care this much about the Liberty. Its basically like a drug front. Its like money laundering for management. GM laundering. Dolan is hiring him as a “Liberty owner” the same way Walter White just owned a car wash. Only rational explanation otherwise Isiah would walk away right now being like “Fuck it!”