UTSA Fired Their Defensive Coordinator At Halftime Today

In a game you've most likely spent no time thinking about today, UTSA was up by 3 at halftime. Allowing 21 points in a college half isn't that bad. Hell, UNC scored 56 points today. Do you want to allow any points to UTEP? No. SP+ has them as the 4th worst team in the nation, but it's not like UTSA is that much better. According to SP+, UTSA ranks as the 113th best team in the nation. This was a game between two bad teams....so, why am I blogging this? Turns out that UTSA decided to just straight up fire their DC at halftime:

Maybe there is more to the story that we just don't know? It's possible. Statistically speaking their defense is a bit better than their offense according to SP+.

Whatever the reason is we know today was a realllllyyy bad day for Tyrone Nix.