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Illinois Football Is Back On Top

All you've heard about is how good Rutgers is this year. How Greg Schiano has the boys back in 2007 shape and that they're the new power player in the Big Ten. Well guess what you Jersey scumbags? Rutgers blows. Illinois is awesome. Frank McCourt is probably going to stuff your girl and you're going to enjoy it. Illinois football is so fucking back 

May not seem like it up front but you get one win on the board, you might as well have 6 in this conference. That's how hard the Big Ten is and that's before I remind you guys that Illinois hasn't even gotten it going at home. Imagine if they show up against a mediocre Purdue or bullshit Minnesota team. Then we're talking New Years day and all the delicious finger foods that comes with it. 

And not to get cocky but I should take credit for this one after all the praise I gave Juice Williams this week on Dog Walk and the blog. Turns out there's another Isaiah Williams in Champaign, just about 11 years apart. This was his first start. He threw for 104 (yawn) but ran for 192 on 31 carries. If you know shit about Illinois football then you know that's the best qb performance since the other Isaiah Williams. The one we called Juice and the one that gets drafted in the 2nd round of Sweetest QB's of all time. Finally this dude finds the field and it's off to the races. 

Maybe it's New Years 2022 that we should be planning for. Someone stop me.