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Texas Is Back...As The Barbecue Capital Of The World After Seeing This Line At Snow's BBQ Today

Snow's BBQ in Lexington had been closed since March. When you have a legend on the pits like Ms. Tootsie, you have to be extra careful during a global pandemic. So the doors to Snow's have been shut for 7-8 months. 

But they opened up for the first time today and holy hell, that line wraps around at least 5 corners. It's looking like a new iPhone release, all for folks to get some of the best brisket on the planet in or around their mouth. No offense to the Carolinas, no offense to Kansas City, no offense to Memphis, but Texas is now the undisputed capital of barbecue. Has to be. I know that's going to ruffle some feathers but the ranking committee has spoken. Folks were getting in line at 9pm the night before. 

Both the AP Poll and Coaches Poll have Texas at #1. I'm sure it didn't hurt that this is the first time that Snow's is open since Ms. Tootsie's episode of Chef's Table came out, but you can't argue this state's resume. 

And if you're going to stand in line for over 12 hours for some food, I can't imagine there are any meals more worth it than this one right here. 

"We're baaaaaaaaack" - Sam Ehlinger.