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Watch This When You're High - How Do They Take Old Film And Turn It Into 4k?

This "Watch This When You're High" blog comes to us from Robbie Fox and Jack Kennedy. 

The other day Robbie tweeted out how great the old Star Wars looks in 4k resolution. 

I was under the impression that film, much like music reel to reel tape, had a ceiling on how high you could "upconvert" it. 

Meaning, when you listen to a Motown song for example, you can tell the sound quality is poor because it was usually recorded in a single room, with all vocals and instruments being done in one take, maybe two and layered together. And the tape that was used to record the sound was limited in how much it could be remastered and improved in the future. 

Well foolish me. 

Within seconds @Kenjac had the answer. And it's pretty fucking amazing if you're into stuff like this or if you're just stoned and/or easily impressed.

So thanks Robbie and Jack.

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