Jon Rahm Absolutely ROASTS Bryson Dechambeau In His Press Conference About His Errant Tee Shots Today

OH NO. As if Bryson hasn't taken enough L's the last couple of days, Rahm fires an absolute shot across the bow about Bryson hitting balls all over the map.

If you're not familiar with the situation with the errant tee shot Rahm was asked about, educate yourself here

I'm not a big Rahm guy, but I love what Jon is doing here. Bryson Dechambeau basically signed up for this when he said Augusta National was a par 67 for him. You can't talk that kind of shit about golf's crown jewel and not back it up. Every chance he gets, Rahm has been pointing fore left and right and letting all the good #patrons at home know that ol beef boy is headed for the trees yet again. Rahm has taken it upon himself to clown BDC every chance he gets because that's exactly what he's been so far this week. 

Can't wait for these guys to get back out there tomorrow morning. Gonna be awkward in all the most hilarious ways.