MTV Dropped Their First Teaser For The New Season Of The Challenge, Which Comes Out In Less Than A Month

Wow, this looks like it's going to be the MOST EXPLOSIVE SEASON OF THE CHALLENGE YET!!! Okay we hear that every year during these previews and it seldom is true. But there is a lot to like about that brief snippet, namely that the letters TJ and CT are back in our lives for a little while. Is The Challenge #back? Trick question, dickhead. The Challenge has actually been #back for a few seasons, with last season being my first one I not only watched in a few years but the first one I enjoyed the whole way through and not just because the soundtrack was a motherfucking BANGER.

I have no damn clue how they filmed this season in the middle of covid. But MTV always seems to find the most remote places to throw this gang of mamalukes, even when there isn't a global pandemic choking the entertainment world out.

The tag line of Double Agents makes me think there are going to be a lot of supertwists and dare I say superdupertwists. I don't know if I like that or hate that however because some time those schticks fall flat on their face. But again, the producers have been hot lately so we will definitely give them a chance, especially with this cast lined up.

The first thing that stands out like Stat Boy said (I looooove that No Quitters has a Stat Boy) is that shaved head CT is back. Does that mean we'll have Beast Mode CT, Eat Your Face Off CT, or at least Oh Shit This Guy Is Kinda Crazy CT? Probably not. But I'm never going to be upset if any type of CT is on The Challenge. Having him on the show is just calming to my soul, like Larry Fitz in the NFL except if Larry Fitz got suspended for seasons at a time for knocking motherfuckers out.

There are plenty of other staples returning with Wes looking to take home the cash to fund his 298 different businesses, Cory trying to bring home the bread for however many mouths he has to feed, Aneesa hoping to get that ring like late career Charles Barkley, Nany praying THIS is the year she finds love, Leroy praying he doesn't get fucked over by The Challenge Gods or the most abundant substance on Earth. Love em or hate em, Ashley and Devin always make their presence known on these shows. Love em or really love em, same goes for Darrell and Tori (Jordan's absence is interesting). I really did turn a corner with Nelson last season since he started to embrace just being the hype guy with the occasional preposterous quote and I always love having Thersa in the mix. Big T became my favorite person that had like 10 minutes of screen time all season. And pretty much all the new school vets are cool with me outside of Josh, but it's always nice to have someone that drives you nuts on The Challenge.

I had to include Melissa ethering him. In related news, I hope Melissa is back in all of our lives soon, with her baby as far away from this group of misfits and all the dangerous challenges that come with being on this show

Clearly the biggest omission was the motherfucking GOAT, Johnny Bananas. But I don't think that could be much of a shock considering Johnny's bank account, gigs, and to be honest age probably not make going in a house with two dozen or so complete lunatics not as appealing as it used to be for the Tom Brady of The Challenge. We'll see if he comes back for a Tompa Bay level challenge in the future or ride into the sunset. But something tells me we haven't seen the last of a guy who posts stuff like this whenever he can.

I honestly couldn't tell you the first thing about any of the rookies outside of Lolo Jones, who was on the Pros vs. Joes version of The Challenge that I think was kind of a loose cannon since I barely watched those. Nonetheless, there is no reason not to be excited that a new season of The Challenge is going to kick off in less than a month, when we are likely in the same lockdown type of coronaworld that we were in when the last season aired.

I know some people are going to ask if No Quitters will be back for this season and my honest answer is maybe. I actually just asked the Powers That Be today if we are going to be greenlit as a Barstool podcast, which is what I think needs to happen for the pod to survive, and I am waiting to hear an answer.  Hopefully they give us the thumbs up for this season and don't quit on us because we won't quit on you.