Bernhard Langer Is A Lock To Become The Oldest Player To Ever Make The Cut At The Masters At Age 63

Patrick Smith. Getty Images.

What a specimen Bernhard Langer is. The two-time Green Jacket winner went 70-71 in his first 2 rounds to all but secure his spot for the weekend at age 63. This being his 37th whirl at the Masters, it's safe to say the guy just knows his way around Augusta National. And that's the beauty of this tournament and this golf course. You can try to bomb and gouge it all you want, but if you know where the smart places are to put the golf ball and where you can afford to make mistakes, you're going to give your chance to avoid big numbers and turn in good cards. 

With that said, this is no aberration either. Bernhard Langer continues to be that good. He's made the cut here 6 out of 8 years and the smart money would be on making this cut a few more times too. He's got 41 Champions Tour wins and he's closing in fast on Hale Irwin's record of 45. The guy can just golf the shit out of his ball and it'll be wild to see in 2028 whether he has any chance of making the cut in his 70's. It sounds absolutely crazy but with the way this guy defies age it's not out of the question.