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Justin Thomas Just Confessed His Love to Scott Van Pelt on Live Television

Justin Thomas was talking to Scott Van Pelt in the clubhouse after his second round -3 to put him at -9 and tied for the lead halfway through The Masters. And what a difference a couple words can make, as he accidentally just straight up said, "I love you," to SVP.

We've all been there. You get caught between saying one thing or another and a combination of the two comes out. The difference is Thomas just told a dude he loves him on live TV. But honestly, there are a lot worse people you could confess your love to in front of a million people or so than SVP. At least it was a dude worthy of the praise.

If Thomas ends up winning this thing, I'll be sure to stay tuned in through his conversation with Jim Nantz afterwards to see if he gets the same type of recognition.