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China Wants To Ban The Phrase "Your Mom" From Its Internet - Daily Mail

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Well China finally find the line it wont cross. Letting newborn girls die to control the population? Cool. Slaughtering dogs? No problem. Torturing your children to become gymnasts and weird shit like that? Go right ahead!

But DO NOT say “your mom” to anyone on the internet. No mama jokes over there in China. They run a tight fucking ship. Can’t let people run around doing and saying whatever they want. Cant say fuck and you cant say your mom. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go watch some videos of Chinese girls in schoolgirl outfits stomping on hamsters and bunny rabbits and other small defenseless animals.

Fucking China.

We also got the Russians who dont believe we went to the moon, the Japanese who are paying $3,000 for watermelons, the cat who won a dog award and the chick who beat her husband to death with a can of peas.