Alex Cooper Is Now At WAR With Dixie Damelio After Saying She Fakes Her Relationship With Noah Beck

Yesterday, the BFFs podcast (hosted by Dave and Josh Richards) set the TikTok world on fire with the new podcast featuring our single father Alex Cooper. If you want to catch up on her against all the Sway House dudes, you can go to an A+ recap here:

After the drama unfolded, I went over to talk to Dave's meme team, who works directly on the BFFs pod. I was alerted that more TEA was coming in the morning. They were sitting on a massive video that was going to cause waves.

Let's just say they didn't disappoint! Here is a translation for those that are not in the TikTok world:

Dixie Damelio (19) is the sister of Charli Damelio, the #1 TikTok star in the world. She used to date Griffin Johnson, the guy that Alex "exposed" for sliding into her DMs recently. Dixie moved onto Noah Beck, the guy that Alex said of yesterday, "I think they are overdoing the lifting…..if a guy has that much on his body, you really don't make money." Later in the podcast, Alex implied that Dixie and Noah are "faking" their relationship.

This immediately got on the infamous TikTokRoom account on Instagram:

TikTokRoom is the TMZ for TikTok drama. If you are on TikTokRoom, you have made it in the TikTok world. I don't want to understate how big of a deal that account is. Dave being on it multiple times a week means he has successfully invaded the TikTok world.

Soon after the TikTok of Alex was posted on Dave's account talking about Dixie and Noah, Dixie responded:

This video of Dixie in bed with Noah had over 1.1 million views in 30 minutes with over 319k likes and 8k comments. 

The final verdict? It doesn't look like Dixie and Noah are faking their relationship. Just ask James Charles:

UPDATE (1:28 PM): Responding to Dixie's TikTok, our podcast BFFs asked her to come on the show. She declined.

P.s. Dixie and Charli actually have been in the Barstool office. They came before the pandemic (I think it may have even been in December 2019). The family is originally from Connecticut. Since then they've completely blown up.