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I'd Never Seen The Electric Feel Video Before This Morning And Now I'm On Shrooms


I was thinking about doing a "wake up with" this morning and for some reason, in my groggy half-asleep/half-awake state of mind, this song came to my head. Sure, why not, I thought to myself. So I went over to the YouTube dot com, typed in "Electric Feel", and now I think I'm on shrooms. I've either never seen this video before, or totally blanked it out of my mind, but what a ride. I need more of these fellas



I'm not sure what happened to MGMT. They had this song and "Kids" that were both smash hits and on the radio all the time, but the last I heard about them, they were refusing to play those two songs live at concerts, which seems like on the scale of "good idea" to "bad idea", it's "the worst idea of all time". 

So hey, happy Friday my friends. Drink coffee, watch the Masters, do drugs responsibly. World is your oyster. L'chaim.