Wake Up With Every Masters Sunday Eagle From Tigers Woods

Just an absolute mouthful of a headline and that's to be expected when you're dealing with a couple of animals. Eagles. Tigers. Gold Jacket Green Jacket. Whatever it takes to get your focus and attention on his Sunday Masters eagles from start to finish. I love the commentary on the one in 2009. Reading it in black and white makes it feel more impressive:

"There's a very long narrow green up there. 267 yards to the hole. It's (the hole) cut way on the back of the green. Tiger has to skirt the trees if he's going to take a line at it...it looks so threatening down the left hand side... (hits shot).... (hears thud)... how was the line? the line was exceptional. he'll have an uphill eagle putt exactly hole high." 

Anyways I think we can all agree everyone loves an eagle. I've made two in my life and even though I'm a complete lunatic you can't tell me this isn't a completely valid reaction. 

I'm jealous of anyone who gets to act like they've been there before because they're good at this game. You're lucky. Don't be a dick about it to the rest of us.