Pretty Weird Move For Dan Snyder To Send Kevin Durant This Customized Game Ball From Last Week's Game

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 11.00.42 AM


I swear to god if Daniel Snyder scares Kevin Durant away from returning to DC I will do nothing to him but write more blogs about how much I hate him. This is the classic rich nerd/pretty girl situation. The pretty girl Kevin Durant is using the rich nerd Daniel Snyder. But Snyder thinks they are in love and is going way over the top sending flowers and making mix tapes and taking him out to fancy dinners at Olive Garden. Durant is just leading him on to get the sweet hook ups. Because let’s face it, Durant is rich, Snyder is wealthy. Durant is keeping Snyder on his good side so he can use that private jet or yacht whenever he wants, but he’s never going to have sex with him. I just hope Durant doesn’t meet another sugar daddy before 2016, or get scared off by Snyder before then. Get some chill, Daniel. Play hard to get. Make him come to you. Don’t fuck this up for us!