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Thoughts And Prayers To Mike Trout As He Had His Lowest MVP Finish Ever

Pour some out for ole Mike Trout today. In his future Hall Of Fame career, this 2020 season produced his lowest MVP finish ever. 5th. According to the media he was only the 5th best player on the American League and that is arguably the worst season of his career. It just goes to show how amazing he has been, he's consistently mentioned as the best player in baseball and has been since his rookie year in 2012. Yes he played in 2011 but he didn't reach the minimum about of ABs to be considered a rookie. Here are his MVP finishes. 2,2,1,2,1,4,2,1,5. Decent couple of years for the fish boy. Trout at times get the Lebron voting fatigue, people come up with arguments as to why not to vote for him for MVP just so they have an arguing point. And this has nothing to do with Trout but some of the people who got some later votes are just laugh out loud funny.

Like Alex Verdugo really got a 5th place vote? Really? Sal Perez? David Fletcher? I mean these voters are the same reason why Barry Bonds isn't in Cooperstown and it just goes to show how dumb baseball voters are. But going back to Trout, let's just hope he can put this terrible season behind him. A 5th place MVP finish is something he never thought he'd get, just time to flush this season and start over in 2021.