Wake Up With Jose Abreu Blasting A Home Run And Getting Called Out


I feel like we NEVER see this happen with home runs, you see it sometimes on the base paths during a play, a rundown to something. But NEVER on a home run. 2020 AL MVP, Jose Abreu hits a highhhh ball towards left, the left fielder retreats, judges, but it's gone. Looks like a normal bomb until you get a glimpse of Abreu literally walking in place. Then you see the replay and figure out that the runner on first waited to see if it was gone or not, only problem was that Jose was watching the ball and passed him when he got to first. WHOOPS! Jose gets called out. Womp womp. Basic stuff you're taught, don't watch the ball! Gotta listen to your coach. Sike if I hit a ball that far I'd watch the hell out of it too. 

Enjoy your Friday, friends.