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The Jaguars Sent Out A Letter Asking Fans Not To Stand During Games


BCC- “The Jaguars have received multiple reports of individuals standing excessively without respect to other fans in the area. To be courteous to fans around you when you are standing and cheering for the team, we ask that you please stand with the flow of the game, making sure not to block aisles or prevent the flow of traffic.”

The letter also identifies that there are two “standing encouraged” sections in the stadium, noting that fans are interesting in standing for the entire game are encouraged to relocate their tickets to those sections. The letter also notes that fans who continue to violate the Fan Code of Conduct, in relation to excessive standing, will be subject to ejection from the stadium.

Couple questions here- if you stand at a Jaguars game, are you really blocking anyone’s view? There should never be anybody behind you. And if someone is behind you, it’s because they literally want to be behind you. They can move to one of the thousands of other empty seats. Somehow I don’t think people are packing the stadium to see a team that has been outscored 75-10 in the last 6 quarters of football.

Second question is the obvious- how do they have the balls to ask people not to stand? Shouldn’t it be the complete opposite? They should be riling people up, being like we want everyone standing, making noise, going berserk. Turn it into a party atmosphere. Have strippers and gang bangs. Make it a party with a football game going on. I don’t get how they can’t figure this one out.